Saturday, 21 July 2007

guest blog from Rwanda

I have asked Peter Wilding to "guest blog" tonight....
Back from the project, the team is exhausted and dirty and looking forward to a curry tonight. These forty volunteers are doing 20 big schemes and are learning so much of the how to's as well as the what for's of this biggest political social action exercise. Me, apart from carpentry, painting and digging on site and seeing how the whole thing is developing the other wonders of being here is that I've lectured the Ministry of justice on English law and helped to teach the fledgling cricket enthusiasts here the marvels of the great game. Next week, the orphanage will be opened, the Ministry will know what's what about contractual drafting (happy days!) and we'll be opening up a new cricket academy. Best two weeks ever, with some lovely, committed and fun people. Ciao.

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Ellee said...

Peter, I'm sure the memories of this trip will last a lifetime, and the new friendships you make will last just as long.

Enjoy your curry, you deserve, hope you have a cool beer to go with it.

We've still got torrential floods in the UK.