Saturday, 14 July 2007

All packed up and ready to go

Tonight I will be flying out to Rwanda with a group of Conservative supporters for two weeks of VSO supported work. I will be helping to build a pre-school in an orphanage.

Clearing the desk before going away is always busy - but its been a very busy week.

We have found a potential partner to save our Country Park from closure. My Council colleagues will vote on it this week.

We have recruited a new senior officer to help keep put the council on a solid footing. We asked each of the candidates to give us a presentation on local government funding. There are huge uncertainties about the future, they all predicted that money will be tighter for all councils - what will this mean for local people and their services?

I'm off to a country where funding is really tight. Over the past week I have carried a sponsor form with me to raise money for the equipment at the orphanage. Everyone has given so generously. Thank you. I will be taking much needed funds with me and hope to be able to keep you up to date here.

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