Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Call for Doctors to fight Westminster by elections

I have just received this by email re the parliamentary by-elections coming up in Sedgefield (Tony Blair's seat) and Ealing.

"RemedyUK are looking for doctors with local connections to either of these two constituencies to stand as candidates to highlight the threats to the NHS. If 'your' doctor fills that criterion and would like to find out more, do get in touch."

RemedyUK is the organisation of junior doctors founded in February to help highlight the crisis facing our doctors. They now have over 9,000 members.

Back in March when I tried to get junior doctors to speak out about the problems of the NHS they were told that if they got political in the media their jobs would be on the line. Now they are hoping to fight what may be the most media intense election battle ever seen in the UK.


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I'd rather a Conservative vote thn an independent vote - but don't forget there are lots of doctors who are also conservative!

Rachel Joyce said...

You and me both Michelle (literally!)

Vicky Ford said...

Quite agree.... would like to see a doctor with a blue rosette in these elections

Anonymous said...

Vicky isnt it time you gave some consideration for those working in the health service other than Doctors ( even if your old man is one ) after all they are not at all badly paid for what they do ( especially the GPs now !!! )
What about the others , especially the highly skilled and professional nurses who get a pitance in comparison . ( and dont tend to do what so many of the " worthy " Doctors do ie highly lucrative private work )
And they do 12 hour shifts .
Theres not many of them living in the style you are able to do on your husbands salary.

Vicky Ford said...

Good point. I frequently have conversations with Midwives who are also in crisis .... but at the moment one of the greatest crisis we face is that of the training for our future doctors so that is why I've been writing about them. Furthermore my husband is not a GP.. though there are some excellent GP blog sites that will tell you stories from their sides.

Henry North London said...

Thanks for highlighting this

Yours an unemployed Doctor