Tuesday, 8 May 2007

What do we feed our children?

Food additives are back in the news . WARNING! we parents should avoid foods with certain E numbers.

During the last general election and the Rover meltdown I was very busy. My children were spoilt rotten with lots of family and friends helping to take charge and large amounts of sweets were dolled out. They were very happy but by the end of the campaign Edward (the middle one - then 5) had eczema galore. He couldn't get into the bath without complaining let alone the local swimming pool.

We did a two week purge, no E numbers, porridge and honey, homemade fudge for a treat - the children became food labelling gurus and by the end of it Edward's sores were cured. I know many parents who report anecdotal evidence about their children's behaviour after certain foods. As a parent helper I also see the junk that is still put into children's lunchboxes. As a pre-school chairman I know how difficult it is for schools to keep a balance between "healthy lunchboxes" and children who if only given "healthy" will then eat nothing at all.

As a mum I think my children are given too much choice, their school dinners allow them to opt in and out daily of a menu of 3 options or packed lunches. We just had to eat what was on our plates. I would like food to be more clearly labelled - the creep of more added sugar and salt by the manufacturers is unacceptable - but I also believe that sweets and chocolate biscuits should not be banned but be balanced. We all deserve treats.

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Richard Havers said...

We moved to live in the hills in Scotland about ten years ago; previous to that we lived in Sussex and London. Our diet has changed out of all recognition. We don't eat things with a lot of chemicals, we grow us much of our own as possible and we get out meat from our farmer neighbours. My wife who has high blood pressure has seen a drastic reduction in the levels as we eat many less meals in restaurants and much less pre-prepared foods, which means less salt. Now I know not everyone is as lucky as we are but reading the labels can make a difference.