Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Time to talk

Today I was invited to be the "guest" for the weekly chat show on our local hospital radio. The hospital has over 1,100 beds and judging from this weeks news a patient in most of them.

I arrived, took my place in the normal juggle to find a parking place, and was taken down into the bowels of the hospital. Here a group of volunteers run the radio program. They have no idea how many people listen in, but they get many thank-yous. I was told by a doctor that little things like the radio station can make a difference to those "trapped as a prisoner in their hospital beds".

I was asked to speak about the plans to save our country park, I discussed our new towns, the pressure from rising house prices and we also discussed the role local councils have in trying to protect the environment.

I had been asked to chose some pieces of music. I'd heard that many patients like a bit of classical from time to time but are to embarrassed to ask - so I obliged - the final tune was the wonderful Radio 4 theme tune (alas no more) that crescendos to a finale of Rule Britannia. There, with the wonderful band of volunteers from different nations all contributing to their local community, I was proud to be British.