Saturday, 5 May 2007

First of the LD Defections

I just received this email

Re: Resignation from Liberal Democrat Group

I have resigned from the Liberal Democrat Group on South Cambridgeshire District Council and will henceforth sit as an Independent Liberal Democrat.
I believe that I can best serve the interests of all my constituents outside the LD. Group. James Quinlan

James is not a councillor I know well... He stood against Andrew Lansley in 1997. Is he the first of many LD defections across the country?


Anonymous said...

Vicky if this is a serious political blog rather than just a personal ego trip why dont you explain the real reason for James Quinlans decision to leave the Lib Dems and go Independent ?
He doesnt like their behaviour of late towards other councillors.
Have the Tories behaved any better , not according to all the stories in the Cambridge Evening News .

Vicky Ford said...

Again - the point of my raising this is that I think it is interesting that people are shifting their traditional positions. It appears James had had personal fallings out with members of the local LD group. Of course as Im not a member of that group I can not be aware of all that has gone on within it. Tories too have fallings out from time to time. The point of me blogging on this is to try to find out if other councils are having similar experiences.

Anonymous said...

You dont appear to want to answer the question Vicky which was about behaviour towards others not fallings out amongst groups.

Anonymous said...

Oh I read the stories in the Cambridge Evening News - and what did it say about the LD group, "spiteful - distasteful campaign of personal attacks and innuendo on this member in the recent election" but I didn't see a reference to the Tories. It is time the the LD group sorted itself out and became a decent opposition and everyone worked together for the people they represent.

QUASAR9 said...

Has he defected?
I thought he'd just resigned?

QUASAR9 said...

PS - Congrats on Milton Park
I see you got two page coverage.
Hmmm, I could be interested in that 250,000 dowry from South Cambs

Rupert Butler said...

On the East Devon District Council we have had an LD councillor "going independent" as Vicky reports. He did it just as nominations closed.

LDs fight dirty with us of course, so we might expect dirty rows within their party.

Nevertheless Ken George was able (presumed) to use the same diamond-shaped boards for his posters as he used for LD posters previously. As chief scrutineer at the count he had a veteran LD agent in support.

He won again by 7 votes. We had a working candidate, who could not canvass as comprehensively as the otherwise unemployed George but achieved an impressive swing. George made a lot of his "independence" (along with several pretty s***ty gibes at us) on his leaflets.

He might have been right to judge that he would not have survived if he had continued to fly LD colours.

It will be interesting to see how "independent" George and Vicky's Quinlan are in their council chambers. Might we even be seeing an informal short-term LD national strategy to deal with a current LD weakness ?