Thursday, 17 May 2007

boys things...

I met the chairman of school governors today at one of those partnership meetings we local councillors go to.

Before we even sat down he explained "I have a problem. Its largely a male pupil problem. Sorry (smile).. but it is."

He then told me that he was desperate to find hands on training for young men who are dis-enchanted with the classroom and want something to do - "there are no apprenticeships" he explained.

We are a "growth area" thousands of houses are being built. I suggested we approach the developers at the nearby building site and see they can offer a few hours of work experience. Reaction - WOW - AMAZING - YES - WHAT A GREAT IDEA.

Of course then Health and Safety is brought up.

Later I spoke to a Tory Councillor in Birmingham whom I know as fought for similar projects. He has sorted out the following. 1. The local higher education college now run their building skills courses from on site in their regeneration area, 2. their local housing association now take on local apprentices, 3. their council house maintenance company now employ local apprentices.

Next I spoke to a neighbour who is currently paying a bricklayer £200 a day - he's a very good bricklayer. Its not a bad job.

I hope something good will come from today.


Anonymous said...

Vicky , Surprised regarding education that you havent in the last few days tried to explain the Tories disgraceful u turn on the countries only real decent education system ie the Grammer schools .
And what about the smutty little bit of behaviour today by them regarding the Commons being exempt from the Freedom of Information Act regarding MPs .
No wonder journalists are starting to call it Blue Labour.

Vicky Ford said...

Dear Anonymous
At some point I might write a rant about the government's policy on "Gifted and Talented" pupils which (as a parent) appears to me not much more than a glorified list rather than actually stretching our best and brightest. I hear from parents in other parts of the country that there are patches where they work well. I want every school to teach children according to ability and that goes for the top of the class as much as the bottom.

As for the vote last friday - well I wouldn't have supported it....and most Tory MP's Ive heard from wouldnt have done so either... but clearly the (Labour) speaker did.

Anonymous said...

Vicky we are all well aware of Labours result on education in this country ,what some of us wanted assurances on was that Cameron was a true Tory and would be intent on reversing the dreadful downward spiral .
However it appears that the Old Etonian brigade in the shadow cabinet are exactly the same as their equivalent amongst Browns team .
The only difference being their accents.
Both have the means and ability to get out of the system they are inflicting on the nations children where their own are concerned.
Peter Hitchens got it spot on in the weekend Mail.
" This cold , sneering ,deliberate repudiation of decent education for the poor is Blue Labours real Clause Four moment.
Unlike Mr Blairs phoney conversion , this is a significant , deep change in the nature and purpose of Mr Camerons party .
They no longer want to even pretend to be Right-wing , let alone actually be Right-wing.Any Conservative who actually votes for them after this must be deluded "

Having hearing " Mad Bad Dave" being interviewed by John Humphries on this subject on Radio 4 this morning I can only agree.