Sunday, 6 May 2007

Another Defection - to the Conservatives

This evening I am welcoming another key councillor to the Conservative Group on our Council. Mark Howell is a dedicated man who speaks up for the most needy in our area. He is a trustee of Papworth Hospital, the world famous heart transplant hosptial. A year ago he was dedicated to "independence" in local government - now he wants to be part of what we, as Conservatives, are doing locally. I am so proud to have him in the Conservative group. Is this happening across the country?


true independent said...


If the newly defected Tory councillor is such as key player, how come you don't get his name right? It's Mark Howell, dear, not Mark Howard!! He must be so flattered!

Vicky Ford said...

Which all goes to show that I should not write in the middle of the night! Mark Howard is another of our Conservative team, Mark Howell is the feisty Welsh independent now Conservative....

Ellee said...

After your great local council result, I think a few others will want to join up with you too.

Isn't it annoying how people jump on you so quickly for making a little slip up, it can happen to anybody - unless ture ipedendemnet is truly super human.

Keep up the good work Vicky.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it rather embarrassing that Ellie Seymour who doesnt know what really happening at South Cambs District Council these days should be commentating as though the Tories there are the answer to everyones prayers .
Its early days and theres often a slip between cup and lip.
By the way Vicky isnt the Leader of the Council though from the blog you sometimes get the impression she is.

Vicky Ford said...

Anonymous Thanks for the comment, I'm pleased that you're interested. The point of my comment was really to find out if other councils were having a similar experience. Ellee used to cover SCDC as a political reporter and still reads the local paper each day. She lives only a couple of miles outside the district so I vaule her thoughts! I've never said I was the council leader.. or the group leader - but at the moment I think Im the only one that blogs! We have an excellent new leader and yes it is early days...none of the councillors I have spoken to in the past couple of days underestimate our challenges for the year ahead.

mens sana said...

I think anonymous 21:14 might be suffering a little sour grapes. In case you haven't noticed, anonymous-the Tories might not be the answer to everyone's prayers, but the Lib dems aren't the answer to anyone's, apparently

Anonymous said...

I agree with mens sana regarding anonymous 21:14 - anyone who is anyone in politics respects (not likes or agrees with) the opposition and doesn't resort to a 'mud slinging' campaign and the shear spiteful nature of this post is the behaviour that has been reduced in school playgrounds around the region but has now started in council chambers. What a sad situation!

Anonymous said...

Reading the Cambridge News last week Im surprised ( not really ) that you havent reported on the bad behaviour of your new Council Leader .Seems hes been found guilty by those people at the Standards Board of putting out an untrue email to all the local Tories about a fellow Independent councillor !!!!
How bad is that from the man at the top who is also your Group Leader ?
I see a poll that the Cambridge News ran was 61 % said he should resign and only 39 % said he should stay
Have you all been whipped into supporting someone who doesnt tell the truth then ?
Makes me consider voting for the Lib Dems ( and thats a pretty awful thought , but at least you know what they are like )