Friday, 20 April 2007

Next generation Conservatives

I was delighted to get this news today. Cambridgeshire county council are set to elect Shona Johnstone as their youngest ever leader. I've been working with Shona for the past year on issues for children and young people. In my definitions of Councillors Shona is up there as a Doer. She has been selected by her Conservative colleagues without any all women shortlists or other "positive discrimination" simply because they think she is the right person to do the job today - I wish her the very, very best for her new job.


QUASAR9 said...

I like Shona,
Guided Bus is a bit of a white elephant - a £100 million busway to link Northstowe with Addenbrookes.

But hey there was no competition.
No one came up with a better idea to spend a £100 million - or a better public transport link.

I actually probably even like the g-bus which will not be guided, at least not anywhere outside the disused railine to Histon, but hey at least it can make it thru the City from CRC to Addenbrookes.

Will we get one every 15 minutes.
The only way to make it work or pay - is to subsidise it, so that frequency makes it a cheap, fast and attractive way to travel!

Good luck Shona!

Vicky Ford said...

The need for better public transport is key if we are to protect our vastly overcrowded small island....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for backing Shona, I hope you realize she's accepting cash for cancer by allowing massive developments to go ahead on contaminated land without environmental impact assessments, where they involve guided busway cash.... I have all the proof...

Cash for Cancer - Cheers - so much for being a children's champion...

Vicky Ford said...

Thank you for the comment - its a new one on me and I will look into it. Local councils are not as much in control of planning issues as we need them to be but often told that they have to deliver a certain number of houses etc etc by central governemtn.

QUASAR9 said...

Vicky that's a weak answer.

Cash for Cancer?

What for g-bus?
For Northstowe development?

What cash for cancer?

QUASAR9 said...

Alas, whatever decision or politics one has in life

One will be praised by some
And strongly criticised by others

But Cash for Cancer?
Now that is Strong?