Saturday, 21 April 2007

Update from a days campaigning.

I've been knocking on doors in Ely today. Four years ago there was only one Conservative councillor in East Cambridgeshire. The Lib Dems had doubled the council tax and were not popular. 15 new Conservatives were elected - not enough for control - but working together with independents they have kept the council tax rises to below 2.5%, the lowest in all the county. I would love to see a Conservative controlled council given a chance to put some decent policies through without constant backbiting from the LDs.

Last month I took David Cameron to Ely hospital. This month Theresa May visited. The Lib Dems say they care about local government and are (negative) campaigning hard but there's no sight of Ming.

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QUASAR9 said...

Quite honestly Vicky,
I used to be a left leaning
socialist (social-democrat)

But there is no difference between Nu Labour, LibDems and Old Conservatives (in local government or Central government) - they are all selling Council Homes to Housing Associations, and subsidising 'affordable' to make affordable housing available to key workers (nurses, teachers, firemen, council staff and other 'essential services).

They are all privatising the health service - health care for those who can pay or have employers BUPA and other private health insurance.

So why vote for second best
Whu settle for Pepsi when you can have the Real Thing.
Vote Coke - Vote Conservative!

They are nicer people and they openly believe in privatisation
I Might even move to Ely!