Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Taking time to see what is happening

On Easter day I joined the congregation at one of the 3 English Churches in Paris.

We were told the story of the two groups of ordinands who were taken to a crowded hospital. They were each given a message and told to relay it to a person at the end of a long corridor. Those in the second group were also told to hurry.

Half way down the corridor was a person clearly in need of help.

Every person in the first group stopped and helped the person along the way.

Every person in the second group failed to even notice the person in need of help.
They were in a hurry.

Today many of us are in a hurry all the time - if we are to help those in need we all must take time to notice them.

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Ellee said...

It's small comfort to know that it's not just in the UK that we are always in a hurry.