Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Time, travel and the centre of the world

It is still the school holidays and I've been talking about time so a mum friend and I though it seemed appropriate to bung all the children in the car and visit the worlds centre of time - the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Here we are on the meridian that defines the centre of time keeping.

A few observations from the day....

Greenwich was the centre of the British Navy when it lead the world - the Navy has been cut back and cut back and is unable to defend British interests.

When Sir Christopher Wren was tasked with building the Royal Observatory he was given a budget of only £500. He borrowed materials and recycled. He ran over budget by £20. Despite the derisory budget the Observatory has been a tourists' venue for 300 years and puts into perspective the proposed cost overruns predicted for London's Olympics that our government seems to think we will all accept.

Those who deplore large people carrier cars forget that when the car is full it is a highly efficient way of transporting a large number children for a day out!


Ellee said...

Very impressive to learn that Sir Christopher Wren was very enterprising and economical as well creative. Did you know the meridian line also runs through Swavesey, or is it Over?

Hope you enjoyed France.

Vicky Ford said...

Funnily enough it runs almost straight through my local Conservative Party office in Harwick too.