Friday, 20 April 2007

Immigration, Immigration, Immigration

I've been canvassing this morning for local elections in Haverhill in Suffolk. The response to the Conservatives has yet again been very positive. But one issue kept coming up on the doorstep again and again and again. This is a nice area - look at the picture. People see rising taxes, stretched services and lack of houses that they can afford to live in. They want someone to blame so they blame immigrants. With the economy dipping and purse strings getting tight this tension may escalate. "We are an island - we can't push the walls out" said one person.

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QUASAR9 said...

Funny thing,
a lot of people blame immigrants
for lack of Council housing, but as we know this is smoke & mirrors

And some 'dumb' people would cut off their nose to spite their face

But as we know the real reason is that New Labour never reversed the Thatcherite policy of selling Council homes thru stock transfers
to private Housing Associations (for a tenth of the market price)or reversing the law which prevents Councils from 'building' Council homes.

I wonder if Tony Blair will be off to Israel with whatshername.