Thursday, 26 April 2007

How is the week going?

Well... it was always going to be a busy week
Locally - making progess on saving the park and the killer road - survey I set up with our MP is now completed this should help us cut through bureaucracy. We had a good meeting to plan next steps tonight.
Nationally - I've been pleased to help our doctors and health staff many have contacted me to say thanks - shocked to hear of huge breaches in confidential information. Pleased that press are now concerned about Cdif. I am.
Internationally have been asked to join a trip of volunteers to Rwanda later in the year. More on this later.
Financially concerned
Politically - good feeling locally about next week - but a week is a long time.


QUASAR9 said...

Financially - concerned - lol!

What's that Vicky - all work and NO PAY.

I think Mayors and Councillors should receive full time wages for a full time commitment.
Anyone already working cannot do the job 'properly'
And anyone elected would have something to lose - their 'job' would be on the line - if they voted against the public (citizens) wishes!

No having no pay does not make one more independent. People still have to toe the party line or whatever line whether it for pay or NOT

Ellee said...

Any chance that I can come to Rwanda too? Seriously...

Vicky Ford said...

Financially concerned not about all work no pay more about the economy... I am paid a small amount as a district councillor and some as a portfolio holder, its a pittance compared to what I would have been paid if still working in banking. However I loathe the idea that politicians are "doing it for the money".