Tuesday, 17 April 2007


News last night of the dreadful murder of 33 students in Virginia. I went to a debate on Gun Crime earlier this year with senior police officers, criminal lawyers and politicans. Some of the interesting issues raised were:

Glorification of guns and crime must take part of the blame - through music, movies etc. The "I should not be a grass" attitude makes policing harder.

The increase in theatres of war has brought different weapons to our country. We need to focus on where guns are coming from.

Drugs related gun crime means not just the big guys but the smaller dealers too.

Education is vital - too many young people (boys especially) are excluded from school without basic reading and writing skills - leading to deprivation and lack of hope of a non-criminal life.

Sentencing was considered too lenient and there was a call for removing mandatory sentencing.

Above all there was a call for more policing of our streets.

I would not like to have the USA's gun laws - but we need to make sure that ours are enforced.

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