Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Getting the vote up

For the first time in recent years the Labour Party has descended on local elections here in South Cambridgeshire and are fielding candidates in 18 of 19 seats. Last year they put up candidates in less than half (8 of 20 seats). Three years ago (2004) when the council was "all out" they didn't even manage a third (11/34 wards).

By going into areas they have never even fielded a candidate before do they think they can spin that their share of the vote is going up?

Even with all these extra candidates I believe their votes will go down.... but they might take some from the Libs. The Conservatives are, of course, represented in every seat.

p.s in Cambridge City Labour field 15 for 15 in Huntingdon 17 for 19 but in in East Cambs Labour field only 4 candidates for 39 seats. More will follow.

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