Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Affordable Housing

It is amazing how fast things can move on once bureaucracy is removed. Our village has spent 3 years in the planning and negotiation phase of our latest affordable housing project yet in just a few months the houses themselves are taking shape. These 18 houses will be for local people who are simply priced out of the property market.

My friend Tina has raised 3 children under four in a tiny two up two down council house in the village. They are getting bigger now. She works her socks off every hour the children are in pre-school, she works nights and has even tried to set up her own business from the over-crowded living room. She is always helping others. Her husband also works incredibly hard - but they believe they will never afford their own home. Last year at election time Tina came to me and asked for a Conservative Poster for their doorstep - "Conservatives have always helped people like me" she said. Well I hope that one of these new homes will help her.

I popped down to see them this week with my co-councillor Richard Barrett. The foundations are already laid and the walls go up this week.


mens sana said...

are they going to be for rent or sale, and if for sale will they not just become unaffordable for the next generation in a couple of years time?

Vicky Ford said...

These ones are going to be for rent. The last lot we built were stepped equity as well as rent. Personally I would have liked to see more of the latter sorts of mixtures there are ways the stepped equity can come back to the housing association and so remain more "affordable" on a resale to get people on the housing ladder. I would like to see people having the option of starting to buy their own houses rather than always being tenants. Many of the younger people I know are desperate to find a way to get their own independence on the property ladder. Though with rising mortgage rates people are getting very concerned.

QUASAR9 said...

So, how affordable?
Were they subsidised by HC grants?
Did the Council provide the land?