Friday, 20 April 2007

10,000 doctors set to go

The latest rumour going round the medical world about the fiasco on junior doctors training is that up to 10,000 of them will not be given jobs when all around the country the doctors shuffle up their roles this August. 10,000 is a very frightening number - the majority of these are trained at the tax payers expense. We desperately need to keep our best doctors in our country and not train for a mass exodus. I've lived through medical training twice through my sister and husband - it takes years to get these skills. I don't want them thrown away.

I will be joining doctors on a mass lobby to parliament next week.

p.s. the Guardian is now reporting that the latest Hewett plan is cooking up is to send thousands of our doctors off to do voluntary service overseas. Who is going to be working in our hospitals?


Emma said...

We need more doctors not less, on Easter Saturday I spent 7 hours in my local A & E with my 8 year daughter due to a broken wrist. It took 4 hours just to see a doctor, the receptionist told me it had been a 'quiet' Saturday night as we left. How long would have taken if they had been busy.

Vicky Ford said...

Thank you emma for this story - My own daughter is nine and has also once broken a wrist. It must have been incredibly stressful for both of you to have to wait that long just to see a doctor. I am shocked.

Yes we need more doctors, we also need to make sure that those we have are properly supported so they can see patients - instead of worrying about bureaucracy, or wasting time waiting for delayed test results etc etc. Thank you for sharing your story.