Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Whats in your basket?

Inflation has just reached 4.6% a 16 year high - what does this mean for me. I looked at the "basket" of goods that is used to measure inflation and actually, yes, quite a few of those products have been on my own shopping list.

Brocolli and Pro-biotic drinks appear in the basket for the first time - they were both in my fridge.

However there were plenty of things in the Chancellor's basket that my mother would never buy. Hence why older people face a real inflation rate of over 9%. That is really tough as many of them are on fixed incomes.

Fizzy drinks from vending machines and low cost flights have become so popular that they too are in the basket for the first time. I thought these were things Gordon Brown was trying to get us to cut down on.

P.S. the inheritance tax comments from Gordon today were another con. Go here

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