Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Bringing the NHS concerns to Westminster

Thank you to the hundreds of doctors and politicians who have read this site over the past few days. I'm happy to be the dating agency where the two communities meet.

Today I have drafted some questions to be put to Ms Hewitt directly in the House of Commons - if you want to add questions please email me on vford@btinternet.com

Your comments............

"If 8000 people were about to made redundant (or forced to retrain) in any other company it would be front page news and everyone would know about it."

In the last general election I fought the seat that was home to the MG Rover crisis. 6,000 redundancies and all the worlds media descended. Tony even visited and promised millions in retraining .... but when it is "junior" doctors with no election in the offing the PM doesnt care. I still care.

"Vicky I never thought I would ever vote anything other than Labour, but seeing what this government is doing to this NHS and am swinging towards the torys more and more"

I know it will be a hard battle to rebuild this mess - in the NHS and across the country. Politicians won't be able to do it alone - we will need people like you.

p.s. I live near Cambridge and am happy to meet junior doctors in my area. Contact me!

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