Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Power of a Public Meeting

I have just returned from a packed public meeting about my local road. In a 6 mile stretch of road 21 people have died in 10 years and 4 in the last twelve months. The population of the villages near the road is no more than 4,000. Imagine the press if those deaths had been due to violent murders - not just dangerous driving.

The issue here is that the town at one end of the road and the city at the other have grown dramatically over the past few years. As a Conservative candidate travelling all around the south of England I know that tens of thousands of new houses are being built from Devon to Norfolk without sensible provision for infrastructure and my local road is only one of the symptoms.

Hands are tied by the bureaucracy of negotiations for developer money, by lack of government funds for "less deprived" areas, by the bureaucracy of "policy" that forces all areas to be treated equally rather than local issues taken into consideration.

By attending local meetings, reaching out to the regional and local press I hope I am helping to make sure local issues are heard and will help fast-track bureaucracy.

The government's growth agenda is not making our lives any safer.

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