Friday, 2 March 2007

"Junior" Doctors are not "Junior"

Good news the Telegraph today has blown open the story about the c*ck up in "modernising" medical careers that I wrote about earlier this week.

Please remember that "junior" doctors often aren't really "junior" in anyone else's books - the term covers any doctor working in the hospital until they are a consultant.

I remember how cheesed off I used to be hearing my husband referred to as a "Junior" when he was 36. He had trained for 7 years and been working as a doctor for 11 years - altogether over half his life had been given to medicine. By this stage in my own career my business card said "Managing Director" and other equally gifted contemporaries in other professions held cards that ranged from Head Teacher, to Partner to Judge.

These doctors are really important don't fall into the trap of believing we can do without them.

p.s. Still find that Patricia Hewitt's advice surgery remains "suspended". I'm off to my doctors to pick up a prescription - at least for now the doctor's surgery remains open to all.

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