Saturday, 17 March 2007

I'm a socialist - but I love you

These were the parting words shouted to David Cameron as he left the doctors protest march [here] in London today after addressing over 10,000 doctors in central london. David's speech was relayed to the Conservative Party conference in Nottingham. There were tears in the conference hall too. David said three things
1. Doctors are hard workers - they are not cogs in a machine they are human beings, they should not be judged by a machine. (see here for explaination of crisis affecting doctors)
2. The government promised doctors that if they work hard, and pass all their training there will be jobs for them - this promise has been broken by the government
3. If the "review" of doctors training that has been promised by Labour is not working then it should be scrapped and a system that works should be found.

George Osborne meanwhile laid the blame for financial mis-management that has lead to the NHS crisis firmly on the shoulders of Gordon Brown.

Vicky Ford (me) meanwhile told conference that Patricia Hewitt refuses to meet her own constituents if they work for the Health Service. How can we trust this government to run our public services if they won't listen to the public servants that care for us?

I have now heard from other Leicester based Doctors that this has been going on for a while - watch this space Hewitt we are watching you.


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Well done Vicky for highlighting this issue. When there is nobody to do surgeries in medicine, a locum is required, as people need to be seen...can the same happen in politics?! Michelle

Vicky Ford said...

When someone asks to see their MP about a problem it is normally the case that the same problem is being faced by hundreds of others. An MPs job is to support their constitents first - and only the MP has a voice in parliament to represent their constituents.
Stand-ins are not an alternative.

I know that Andrew Lansley met junior doctors in his constituency surgery only last week.