Monday, 5 March 2007

Hewitt really doesn't talk to doctors.......

This email came from one angry junior surgeon of Leicester... Patricia Hewitt - is it true that you won't talk to doctors even if they are your constituents?

"In autumn last year (October-ish) I telephoned her constituency office for an appointment unrelated to any health service matters. I was asked what I did for a living. (Surgeon). Then asked if I was NHS or private employee. I said NHS.

Then informed "Ms Hewitt is unwilling to meet with any representative of the NHS at any level within her local offices".

Tried to explain that the issue had nothing to do with the NHS and was about something in the housing development where I live.
The lovely lady then put the phone down."

Meanwhile, 12 leading surgeons met in the West Midlands - they were the jury panel of senior consultants about to interview a select group of "junior" surgeons to divide up the jobs that will ultimately create the next generation of doctors in the Midlands. They met, they talked, they sent everyone home.

The interviews were cancelled. The seniors have joined the rebellion.

The new MTAS computer appears to be sending some of our best younger doctors into the never never rather than to the next job.

The senior doctors said. "[this system] not been shown to select candidates best suited to be surgeons. It fails to distinguish adequately between candidates, giving credibility to creative writing skills rather than hard evidence of competency."
Well I've tried to read lots of doctor's writing in my life and failed. If I need an operation I want a competent surgeon not one with decent handwriting skills.

The senior doctors are joining the junior doctors....


ClareA said...

Please keep talking about this. The lack of interest from the mainstream media and the lack of awareness of the public is just shocking.
If 8000 people were about to made redundant (or forced to retrain) in any other company it would be front page news and everyone would know about it.
We have to keep shouting until the government stop and listen. They will keep ignoring us and hope we will go away but we can't stop. The government has to realise it is accountable.
Please keep supporting us and raising awareness.

Ellee said...

This is truly shocking, I hope your contact keeps you updated on this.

Saqib said...

Dear Vicky,

Thank you for bringing the disgraceful behaviour of the current Health secretary to our attention.

I am a junior doctor and was on the march yesterday. I am encouraged by the support from the public we recieved, both with those marching with us and those that waited in their cars, drivers, hooting to support us.

I believe the public and media need to know more about this and therefore I would be grateful if you could point the public to the following site:

This explains the issues simply and keeps up to date information on the latest news.

There are also free desktop wallpapers to download for anyone sympathetic to our plight!

Many thanks again
Founder of