Friday, 23 March 2007

MTAS -From Bad to Worse?

Ive just been sent these comments on the announced changes to the MTAS system - please remember that 12,000 doctors took to the streets last week. The first time in history doctors have had a mass protest march.

Basically they're proposing each applicant gets one interview, of their choice from their original four selections. Everyone it seems will have to pick their 1st preference, even those with more than one interview, as the shortlisting process has been declared useless.

So everyone will get ONE shot at deciding the rest of their lives - ONE 30 minute interview. All jobs will be filled in round one, there will not be a round 2! So we have 30000 doctors, 22000 jobs, one shot each. I think they may have actually made it worse, I didn't think that was even possible!

The new process also discriminates against those who have already had their interview under the original process, as they will have had no chance to present their CV and the interviews will not be repeated.

Clearly doctors are reassessing tonight what the "review" means but if this analysis is true then the situation really is worse than before .... and I thought I should report it.

p.s. Remedy UK report 90% dis-satisfaction with the review proposals


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Vicky, I'm still not clear what the issue is?

We have 3000 doctors who have not been offered places?
because we have 3000 too many doctors?

Isn't the nhs always claiming we can't train doctors fast enough, so we have for the last decade been 'poaching' doctors from Spain, France, Germany, et al

Vicky Ford said...

I think you have partly hit the nail on the button. To counter the problems that we have not had enough UK trained doctors, the government tried to train up more doctors. They shortened the training to train them faster, promised them that if they did the training well there would be jobs, (remember that most have done a 9-11 year training to get this far not just a few months). Then there were 8,000 jobs less than applicants i.e. nearly one in three. Then the application process didn't let doctors give a CV so they couldn't demonstate their qualifications (hence the comment from a senior, senior consultant that a budgie would be just as qualified to fill in the application form). Many great younger doctors were not even given interviews. Then the computer crashed. And now there is no second chance. Sadly like many pieces of the public sector this is centralisation gone potty and younger people suffer.

TomTom said...

Wait until August when doctors change over. June/July as vacation periods and if the process is not completed in April/May the NHS will go into a winter crisis just as Australia buys itself lots of fresh young medics to enjoy an Australian Summer

Vicky Ford said...

Tom Tom
You are right - all the doctors in the country change jobs on the First of August - its witching hour as they say in the City. The process can't be delayed as there is an in-built crisis point