Monday, 12 March 2007

Climate Change Deniers

To be honest I get fed up with climate-change-deniers. There are a few on my council and a few littering up the airwaves.

Even if you do doubt the scientists on the global warming issue you must agree that man is a fearsome polluter. Pollution is bad. 10 years ago I was taken to a valley in the Czech Republic where for 20 miles around the air was full of sulphur, the buildings were yellow even the grass was yellow. I would not want my children to grow up in that valley.

We are a crowded island in an increasingly crowded world. Please get on the bus with the rest of us and, where possible, make your life a little bit less polluting.


David Anthony said...

I saw you on 18 Doughty Street today and thought you made some very interesting points.

Pollution itself is threatening to kill much more life than climate change ever will in China:

I just wish we'd go for innovation over taxation. Taxation is never going to work; creating incentives for innovation in green technology just might.

It's interesting that the 'evil' George Bush was in Brazil this week signing a deal to create bio-fuels whislt all our leaders were finding new ways to tax us..

Britain can only reduce Global green house gases by a minimal amount, but if we put faith and money into innovation we can possibly change the whole world.

World changing inventions is what the British do best.

Vicky Ford said...

Thanks for that David. I was really cross last week to hear that money that the government was meant to have invested in R&D companies was being diverted because they had already spent it retraining workers after the Rover Crisis. Yet again a very backward step from Brown's team.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call myself a climate change denier - I accept it exists. But when the UK produces a tiny proportion of global emissions, and China is opening a coal fired power station every week, we could turn off every light in the country, live like monks and still not make a blind bit of difference to tackling climate change.

Vicky Ford said...

Dear Anonymous
Pollution from the rapidly developing countries rapidly outweighs ours - but that doesn't mean we should not try to lead by example. Britain has always tried to lead on difficult issues - this is no different. We in the west are huge consumers of the products that are produced in counties like China. We must not pretend that we, the British consumers, have no connection with the global economy


Cath said...

Vicky, you confuse the issue of climate change with the issue of pollution.
I am a climate change realist. I believe the science behind the anthropogenic CO2 hysteria is flawed and I would prefer to see real debate rather than the current name calling.
This however does not mean that I am not concerned by pollution. eg. I compost as much waste as I can as I am concerned by the prevalence of landfill sites.

I would love to see a strong British Government lead the way on industrial pollution and discuss incentives with the new industrial nations. Surely this would be far more constructive than the current global warming debate which seeks only to impose restrictions on countries which will hamper their economic growth?