Monday, 26 March 2007

Climate Change and danger on the roads

I have just returned from a lecture by Al Gore in Cambridge on Climate Change. For 2 1/2 hours he held the 1,200 strong audience in a flowing explanation of the risks that we face. There is no doubt in my mind that the pollution that we are creating is the single largest danger to my own children's future. Let alone the political insatiability that is already being created by global warming. We were reminded that scientists may be getting it wrong - they are not wrong about the issue - but in trying to be only specific about the risks that they are certain about - they sometimes under play some key tipping points and global warming effects could escalate even more rapidly.

I don't want my children's homes to be six foot underwater by the time they are the age of my mother. We were told that by all making little changes we can make a difference. I had already have changed all my normal light bulbs to the energy savings ones and switched the heating down. I'd love to see solar power and other alternative power become more affordable for everyone.

In the short term though the biggest danger that my children face is every time we put the car on the nearest main road. The A1307 is now known as the "Road of Death" locally. 21 people have died in a 9 mile stretch in 10 years, 4 in separate accidents in the past 6 months. More and more houses are being built without decent infrastructure and that means more cars on the roads. I've been campaigning for sensible improvements for over 2 years. Victim's families tell me to keep the pressure up. We have launched a web survey with my local MP Jim Paice to try to demonstrate public support to reduce the speed limit. I've been on Regional TV (BBC Look East), radio and in the papers. I've taken a motion to my council and encouraged police to think of road safety as an equivalent to safety from other crimes. Tomorrow evening there is a public meeting. More then.

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Ellee said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was extemely powerful, did you get a goody bag too?