Saturday, 24 February 2007


James and Julia have shared with the world their wonderful wedding dance. I'm laughing and crying from watching it. We have just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary - three children and goodness knows what else later - that day is still crystal clear in my mind.

Marriage is a wonderful glue, for many of us. Just because many marriages do end in divorce doesn't mean that couples should be put off from finding out if it does work for them. However today many are actively discouraged from getting married by the tax implications - let alone the high cost of living and mortgages. Only yesterday we were warned of "the death of marriage". Marriage rates are now lower than at any time since they were first calculated in 1862. That includes the years after the first world war.

I'm down in the West Country today, where many are on low incomes. I watched the video with Sharon. In her late 20s she is still living at home with her parents, two brothers and a sister in a 4 bedroom bungalow. She says she will never be able to afford a home of her own - let alone a wedding dress.

Thank you to James and Julia for letting us into your wedding day. A wonderful advertisement for those thinking about getting married - I wish you all the very best of luck.


Ellee said...

It looks like Dirty Dancing to me, and why not. I wonder if they signed a pre-nup, I wrote about this a couple of days ago, the changes our divorce laws are going through to establish a level playing field with Europe. Hopefully, they will live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

Bad luck tonight Vicky. For what its worth I thought you deserved to win and I voted for you. Someone will be lucky to have you as an MP!