Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Bureaucracy -the form filling game.

We've been looking at fundraising to build a "MUGA" in the village. That's a Multi-Use-Games-Area. Not just a tennis court but basketball, football, netball surface too.... and it will give the teenagers something to do thats better than petty vandalism and keep us all a bit further away from that heart attack / obesity target.

So where does the money come from for these things?
First - the Parish council puts in some tax payers money. Then you fill in forms for the District Council and ask for tax payers money. If the site is on the school grounds you could get the County Council to put in some tax payers money too.

Then the Football Foundation might cough up some - I asked them where they get their cash from and guess what 1/3 of it is tax payers money. Then Sport England might help - only 20% of that is tax payers money, the other 80% is from the Lottery (which Gordon Brown clearly thinks of as tax payers money too). The Lottery themselves might give a grant too. Is that tax payers money?

Then of course there are the Landfill charities like WREN. They are very generous to some schemes with their tax payers money too.

Of course the village will pull together, bake cakes, some quiznights and a jumble sale. A few generous private individuals might throw in a bit too.

We will have filled out gazillions of forms and each will have been discussed by very well meaning people at numerous grant-allocation meetings. The village residents will all be truly grateful to each donor for their bit of tax payers money and perhaps the kids will have something to do.

Surely there must be a better way.

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