Thursday, 18 January 2007

Stormy Weather

Back when I was young if really bad weather was coming the radio used to say something like "You are advised to only start a journey if it is essential".

Today was the big doc's birthday so perhaps I only had half an ear on the radio but I definately did not feel warned about what I was about to recieve.

It took 4 hours to travel 45 miles of the M11, with flying trees and at least 4 upturned lorries. The police eventually did a good job, holding back traffic and then allowing vehicles out in convoys lead at 30mph. Perhaps this stopped some more accidents. Train lines have come down and many friends are stuck at work tonight unable to get home.

Loads of us could easily work from home on a day like today - was it really necessary for people to put their lives at risk?

Should the police have given us all a stronger warning. I think so. The police don't have enough time to think of those living in rural areas.

UPDATE: 11.30 Friday morning - OK I eat some humble pie. I've surveyed a dozen or so different people today and some had heard warnings to stay at home (some had not though). The TV was apparently running warnings the night before and yesterday morning. However I stand by my thought that throughout yesterday afternoon when the gale was raging. I was listening to local radio stations in Essex commuter belt and there was no warning to people to try to stay inside until the weather abated. Perhaps this should not have been the police's job - perhaps it should have been up to local councillors (I which case I am also guilty of shirking responsibility.).

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