Monday, 22 January 2007

Military cash crunch - you heard it here first

Todays Telegraph leads that defence spending is at its lowest since 1930 and points out that spending has fallen to about half what it was 20 years ago (in terms of GDP). A fact that I dug up a couple of weeks ago when I was concerned about proposed cuts to the Navy.

Too many politicians are frightened to mention the dreadful mess that our soldiers are fighting in in Iraq. There is an element of John Cleese "don't mention the war". My view is that we must not look at the past, but at the present and at the future. In the future we want to work out a safe way to bring our troops back home. In the present they are there, they are fighting in horrendous circumstances, losing lives for us back home. They should be properly funded and equiped whilst they are there.
However we read that ministers have ordered the defence chiefs to stop leaks about equipment shortfalls and cutbacks.

A "Government Spokesman" is quoted as saying that "the defence budget has actually been increasing its just that GDP has risen more quickly".

I would add "And taxes have risen even faster".

Big Gordon at number 11 takes more of our money than at any time for the past 20 years. Why is he cutting the amount that he gives to our military without proper public debate?

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Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks for this Vicky - as always top quality blog. Your mention of John Cleese made me laugh and made me think that labour are perhaps also relying on the famous line of Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn) in dad's army with his renowned frequent cries of "Don't Panic!"...perhaps it's time they started to panic about their proposed cuts.