Saturday, 23 December 2006

What do Doctors think of the NHS?

Today I spoke to a recently retired and much respected hospital consultant. He said "you know secretly, Vicky, I would quite like Labour to win one more time. Then Gordon Brown would have to live with the mess he has created. He'd be doomed for ever..."

I come from an NHS family and frequently talk to doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Many of the medical professionals I speak to are devastated by what is happening to our health service. I would love to hear more of your views. Email me or blog here.


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

The NHS and the people who work in it will all be busy over the festive season, as hospitals obviously don't close. The NHS offers a service everyone relies upon, yet the New Year will include hospital closures and job cuts...........Merry Christmas.
Dr Michelle Tempest (

Praguetory said...

Interesting post. Secretly, I think a lot of Tories were happy that Labour won in 2005 for the same reasons. Before we can change this country for the better, we need people to understand the need for real change. Sorry, if that sound patronisng and trite and I don't expect you to agree, but there it is, I've said it.

Vicky Ford said...

Prague Tory sorry but I disagree, We must not leave our campaigns to save national treasures such as our NHS, our countryside, our industry until the next general election. The damage that is being done to our country every day is just too high.