Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Post office robbery

My local post office was attacked last night by 3 masked men at cashing up time. Steve, the post master always tells his staff that if they attacked they should just hand over the money - but when he was on duty last night, he found that he could not let his business go undefended. They bashed through the door with a crowbar - he still would not let them in. They couldn't open the door so they hit him through the broken door with their crowbar Steve spent last night in the operating theatre because he would not give in. Perhaps he was foolish but I am so proud of him.

I have spoken today to the police, councillors, many others. They all try to do what they can but again and again today I have heard "this sort of thing always happens at this time of year". That is no excuse. We must be vigilant and stand by the Steves of this world. We must not let crime like this be acceptable.


Praguetory said...

Doing the right thing is never foolish.

e said...

Poor chap, and a real hero too by the sound of it. This is another reason for post office closures, they are so exposed to this kind of attack.

Vicky Ford said...

We need local shops and local businesses. There are many in our communities for whom travelling to a large supermarket is not an option. The elderly is just one such group. This is true both in rural areas and in urban areas. I want local shops when I am older - that means that I must support them today!