Thursday, 7 December 2006

Margot James selected for Stourbridge

Margot James has been selected for the key West Midlands marginal seat of Stourbridge. It is a wonderful town and they have chosen a truly feisty woman who I am certain will be the next MP. All the other candidates were deeply impressive. Our chat in the waiting room covered everything from the future of the army to the Stern report, the pre-budget report, how to get community trusts to regenerate market towns, equal rights in the workforce and reigniting the conservative party in cities throughout the country. I am very proud to be in such excellent company. Good luck Margot!


Anonymous said...
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Vicky Ford said...

I dont normally delete comments - but I believe that all people are equal and that we should be free to do what we choose within the law. If a comment is bigotted or racist then I reserve the right to delete it.


Anonymous said...

To summarise: "I don't normally delete comments...unless I disagree with them".

Very good Vicky. And I reserve the right not to vote for a candidate that has abandoned championing family values. You seem to be adding your name to that growing list. So be it. I am sure voters in any election you stand will take careful note of your views. That would be their right.

Gary Farrimond said...

I wholeheartedly welcome the selection of Margot James as the Conservative PPC for Stourbridge.

The poster commenting in respect of family values make me feel marginalised, as an openly gay man and active Conservative I feel the party should be seeking candidates that are prepared to stand up for respect and tolerance for all.

I learnt the facts of life a little differently to others but should that make me any less valued than any other individual? I went to university to train for my career, I have worked and paid my taxes and tried to make a contribution to the community in which I live, yet why should my sexuality set me apart from having elected representatives stand up for my right to fair and equal treatment or indeed why should my sexuality be a means for others to assume I would not champion the values or rights of families were I seeking to be an elected representative.

Margot James will be a candidate of very high calibre as I believe Vicky Ford will be, both realise it is important to champion the values of families and individuals and in doing so champion the right to respect and promote tolerance.

If I were a resident of Stourbridge I would certainly work for Ms James not because of her sexuality but because I believe she would work hard to representative the interests of the whole community the same goes for Ms Ford

I feel its right to express views that oppose but when an opposite view is put across in an intolerant or bigotted way, in my view the blogger has lost their arguement

Gary Farrimond