Friday, 1 December 2006

Keep Working

Many friends have sent me messages today saying bad luck in Basildon but suggesting I can enjoy a quiet rest with the family until after Christmas. Actually I'm off to Stourbridge tomorrow for the 2nd round there, Stourbridge is a key West Midlands seat and just a stones throw away from Birmingham Northfield where I stood in last year's general election. Many of the issues in Stourbridge are the same as those we face in more southern seats - but on top of all that there is the issue of business decline in the West Midlands. Stourbridge used to be the centre of the worlds glass industry but now it is more like token production.

On Sunday I will go to the Cambridge City christmas lunch as their guest speaker. Cambridge City Council is now fully controlled by the Lib Dems and there is no Tory council representation at all. They need all our support and help to get back some blue this May.

Some people mutter "the A list isn't working" - well I say this A lister is working - very hard. And loving it! I'll let you know more over the weekend.


Iain Dale said...

Bad luck Vicky - keep at it!

Praguetory said...

Best of luck with Stourbridge and a warm welcome to the blogosphere.