Friday, 8 December 2006

Global warning - the farmer's view

I stopped to visit David my farming friend today. He is meant to have retired but like many farmers he keeps going. David had a bad fall on Monday and has just come back from hospital full of praise for the paramedics, doctors and nurses - but he won’t stop his Bupa sub no matter how bad farming gets.

Of course the conversation quickly moves on to the farm and he's had time this week to catch up on lots of reading. He will be delighted if Gordon Brown allows them to put up a small wind turbine without going through the costs of planning permission. Though he's not so sure about the giant ones! The farm uses a lot of energy in the workshop. He is furious about the hidden taxes that have been put on red-diesel, and as for the "bonus" payments that have just been paid to Defra officers - well I cant repeat the full words! "The farm payment system is the worst cock-up in farming I have seen in my lifetime" said David.

Did you know it has been the warmest winter for 300 years? We discussed the Ducklings that hatched at Halloween and David sent me off down the road to see Narcissi in bloom. They should not be here until the spring and we haven't even had Christmas yet. I thought you might enjoy the photo. It is a local warning of global warming.


serene said...

keep it up vicky

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