Sunday, 10 December 2006

Car Crash - and unfair taxes

I went down to London yesterday to go to the Candidates conference. I should have been greener and gone by train - but my last experience of weekend trains took nearly 4 hours from Liverpool Street to Cambridge, so I decided to drive.

I was pulling up to the traffic lights at Westminster Bridge. BANG - a car shunted into my beloved Rover from behind. Michal, the Polish driver, could not have been more apologetic or chivalrous. Passers-by rushed up to help and the police were with us in seconds, moving on the traffic and sweeping up broken glass.

The CCHQ candidates’ dept picked me up with sweet coffee and I sat down to listen to Tony Juniper from Friends of the Earth. He not only spoke about global warming and species loss but moved on to speak about British Industry. "Why do our wind turbines come from Denmark? Our Photovoltaic panels from Germany? Hybrid cars from Japan? Britain has a history of Marine engineering excellence - why are we not leading the development of off-shore power?" Good to know that environmentalists care about more the economy too not just the environment.

Michal's insurance will pay for the damage to the car - but I do think it’s unfair that my insurance costs will now rise next year. Bernard the local milkman had one of his floats stolen. He thinks it’s unfair that he had to cough up £200 to get it out of the car pound when the police picked it up. Hidden taxes aren't just government taxes they are all around us.


Danvers said...

Why will your car insurance premium go up next year if you were not to blame and the repairs are paid for by the guilty party. It should not affect your no-claims bonus!

But as regards your milkman friend, if he is covered for theft, the chances of a claim are going to affect the premiums his insurance company demand. Presumably they will make a loss on insuring him this year, so why shouldn't they raise their premiums?

The cost of goods and services can hardly be described as a "tax" - Bernard could choose not to be insured for theft - he can't choose not to pay a tax.

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