Monday, 4 December 2006

The 007 approach to Crime Reduction

Went to the Bond movie last night. As ever a rip-roarer. James taking no prisoners and just getting out there to seek out the bad-guys.

Followed this morning by 3 1/2 hour meeting of "Crime and Disorder Partnership". I know that it is important that we look at the data - but so much is time spent worrying about the targets and being reactive not proactive.

We have had a lot of arson - everything from Kids setting fire to bins to major "Stack" fires all across the district in the summer. Do you remember all those fires during the heat wave last summer? It is Distressing to hear that the Fire service is having to cut back the work they do in schools about the dangers of arson. Programs like that can be so much more useful in getting the message across than time spent monitoring the statistics. We did approve some grants for some technical wizardry to help track down a few crooks (Q would approve) but not enough in the pot to pay for more squad cars.

The big doctor (my better half) was a bit worried about the very obvious brand promoting during the Bond movie. Lots of Sony equipment and Gordon’s gin etc. The kids are busy writing to Father Christmas for all the plastic junk that has been forced down their throats through the TV but sadly no matter how beautifully the big doc asks he won’t be getting an Aston Martin in his stocking.

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