Friday, 24 November 2006


Today I wanted to do some research into local “Traveller” issues. I went to Dale Farm at Cray's Hill - I know it’s just outside the constituency but I’m told part of it is the UK’s largest illegal traveller site and many people had told me about it. This is not a couple of caravans in a field. It is more like a whole village. The “site” has streets, homes, electricity and quite a few expensive looking cars! Why should Travellers be able to build in places where the rest of the public are not?

Then I went to Pitsea station to see “Terminus Drive” where it is proposed the travellers might move to. OK it’s not a very glamorous location (right under the flyover beside the railway line). Should a Travellers site be located right beside the station? Basildon district has more Traveller sites than most other areas. I think it is time that other areas played their part.

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