Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Tax and Crime

Rather a late blog this evening as I have just returned home from Thrurrock Council's monthly meeting. Councillors unamimously expressed their outrage at the proposed hike in the Dartford Tunnel fare from £1 to £1.50 - It makes rises in council tax under labour look moderate! Its not just about the money (though the extra £1 a day for people going to work, to visit family or to go to hospital on the other side of the river will be a burden for many). It is also about air pollution - Thurrock suffers some of the worst air pollution in the country and they dont want the queues to be longer. AND it is also about keeping promises. When the toll was first introduced residents were promised that it would stop when the bridge was paid for - that happened long ago but the tax has continued. Politicians should not make promises they have no intention of keeping.

I believe that taxes should be low and simple. That those who earn least should pay least and that each of us should be able to choose how we spend the money we earn. This sort of stealth tax hits the least well off worst. Perhaps this blog should be titled "High Taxes are Criminal." I want to make sure that the tax policies of the next Conservative government help the hard working people and not just big businesses. I've been helping work on those policies - go to if you want to know more.

This is me, spending my own money in Pitsea market!

I also had a conversation with David Amess today. He was MP for Basildon for so long and really fought for the town. He still keeps a watchful eye. We discussed the policing situation. Before he was MP there was only one police station in his constituency - by the time he left there were three. Sadly last week when I drove past Pitsea Police station in the middle of the day there were 6 squad cars outside but a sign on the door saying "closed". I want to see more local policing. Why was and Angela Smith one of only two Essex MPs who did not sign the pledge to oppose the police force mergers?

David and I also discussed immigration, development plans, travellers, the sewage works and the third route off Canvey Island - but you can see my views on that elsewhere on this blogsite.

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